Wow, just like that 2017 has come to a close and what a year it has been! The world saw both highs and lows but thanks to our fantastic team, we were able to tick a number of things off the Usabilla bucket list. 

To name a few: we grew our employee count by almost 50%, welcomed over 7,000 new users, and set up camp in 3 new global locations!
 Looking back it’s been a pretty exceptional year for Usabilla but, more importantly, for our customers, products, and employees too. 
That’s why we decided to dig into the numbers and share our favorite 2017 statistics with you. From the amount of peanut butter jars we scraped clean to the number of Robins we hired - welcome to our Year in Review.

Product Updates


Our product and development teams were certainly kept busy in 2017 with a continuous release of new features and fixes. Here’s a selection of our favorite Usabilla product updates:


Targeted In-App Surveys

We released a powerful solution for our Usabilla for Apps clients, allowing them to gather detailed customer insights through targeted and non-intrusive feedback forms. By reaching the right users at the right moments, you can maximize engagement for invaluable results.

Key Insights

Enabling you to focus on the most urgent and outstanding matters on your website, our new Key Insights feature helps to streamline feedback management. With quicker and smarter insights, you can uncover trends and anomalies in your data meaning you can solve potential issues much faster.

Button Creator

Our new Button Creator gives you the power to design your own feedback buttons by simply uploading an image. This means you can update your buttons any time you want without having to rely on the help of your customer success manager.

Button Creator

Drill-down feature

We released a new drill-down functionality for your charts and tables. Users can now zoom in and easily navigate between the dashboard and in-depth feedback page without losing the high-level overview.

Feedback, Feedback and Feedback

Throughout 2017, we processed an impressive 29,444,089 feedback items for our clients! Black Friday - which fell on November 24th this year - was, unsurprisingly, the day when the most feedback was received. What is more, the Usabilla feedback buttons have been viewed more than 92 billion times just in the last year.
Digging into the mood scores accompanying this feedback, we were able to identify the industries with the happiest users. Taking the top spot was Software (3.4), closely followed by Web Applications (3.3), with Marketplaces and Education coming in joint 3rd (3.2).

Our Happy Customers


We were over the moon to welcome 7,278 new users to the Usabilla product, for which our dedicated Customer Support team created 2,133 uniquely customized feedback buttons.

And it seems the feeling was mutual. Our end of year user satisfaction survey produced an average mood score of 4.1 out of 5. Thanks again for all your generous feedback and tips!

New Offices

offices good.png

2017 not only saw us outgrow our Amsterdam office and take on a second temporary space; we also expanded further afield. We hopped across the border to open up in Berlin, across the Channel to take on London, and across the globe to Sydney - because, well, sunshine and koalas.

Our Best Blog Posts


Our top performing articles of the year:

How to Design for Color Blindness.jpg

Color blindness or color vision deficiency (CVD) affects around 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women worldwide. This means that for every 100 users that visit your website or app, up to 8 people could actually experience the content much differently that you’d expect!

A Deep Dive into the Psychology of Text.jpeg

Text is everywhere. It’s the primary source through which we share our knowledge and an essential component for shaping any UX. We uncover the best practices for keeping your readers gripped, while creating a seamless and hassle free experience.

The Importance of Visual Appeal in Web Design.jpg
Great web design - it’s a concept that has fast become indispensable. We all want a website and we want that website to meet the most popular design standards out there. But, how much of a website’s success can really be attributed to visual appeal? Let's investigate.
Your Users Might Not be as Tech-Savvy as You Think.jpg
As Jakob Nielsen explains, “one of usability’s most hard-earned lessons is that you are not the user. This is why it’s a disaster to guess at the users’ needs.” However, there’s another fundamental ability that can be damaging to assume of your user: Computer literacy.
Using Friction to Improve the User Experience.jpg
People love feeling accomplished. We love to Instagram our culinary creations, to take on projects from our DIY Pinterest boards, not to mention the immense satisfaction that comes with assembling an IKEA furniture haul. So, can the same be said for our online interactions?



We attended more than 20 events across The Netherlands, Belgium, UK, US, Sweden, Norway, France, and Germany. As a result, 317 attendees took on the Usabilla Balls of Fire Challenge and we gave away over 2,500 Usabilla stress balls.

Of course, we also hosted our annual Exchange event. With over 200 attendees, a client awards ceremony and 3 outstanding presentations - it was certainly one to remember. Check out the after movie here:




At Usabilla, we embrace the infinite amount of value that a company Hack Day can provide - that’s why we developed ULab. A monthly internal event where our employees form cross-department teams turn their craziest Usabilla ideas into actions. Although none of these projects are externally available to clients, the creativity and teamwork ULab encourages creates a better work environment. A selection of this year's best projects:

The Clue

The Clue

A mobile app that allows you to swipe through randomly picked feedback items in a minimalistic manner. Mark your favourites for later review or for sharing with your colleagues.

Usabilla Feelings

Usabilla Feelings

We studied the correlation between the mood score selected by a user and the sentiment analysis score of the comment they have left.

Usabilla Assistant

Usabilla Assistant

Bringing the power of the Google Assistant and Google Home to Usabilla: "Hey Google, how's my feedback today?"

Apple TV SDK


An exciting prototype that brings the power of Usabilla to your TV via Apple TV apps. Let Netflix know what you really think.

The Usabilla Team


Considering we spilled over into 4 new office spaces, 2017 was certainly a big year for the Usabilla team. Take a look at some of our favorite employee statistics from 2017:

Amount of applicants: 3781
Number of employees hired: 53
Current total employees: 102
Number of Robins: 4 (they even have their own Slack channel!)
Number of Julias: 3
Languages spoken in the company: 15
Employee weddings: 6
Babies born to a Usabilla parent: 6
Coffee consumption: 216kg of beans
Empty peanut butter jars: 156

Our Dam to Dam Run

A brave few of our Amsterdam Usabillians took on the Dam to Dam run. Covering 257.44km in total, we raised €1000 for Hack Your Future - a fantastic initiative that trains refugees to become professional software developers.

Check out our impressive frontrunners:
1. Sander van Gelderen (VP of Marketing) 1:17,18

2. Robyn Collinge (Content & Communications Manager) 1:17,36
3. Marc van Agteren (CEO) 1:19,23

dam to dam.jpg

Meet the Team

And finally, say hello to the team that made all of this possible. We can’t wait to go above and beyond this year; continuing to put our customers first and making 2018 our best year yet.