Empowering Digital Transformations

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Empowering Digital Transformations

Understanding the Key Drivers & Programs That Lead to Successful Digital Transformation Projects

Reading time: 20 min

Empowering Digital Transformations

In our new report, “Empowering Digital Transformations,” we discuss the current challenges and opportunities enterprises are facing as they undergo Digital Transformation.

The experts at Usabilla discuss the current state of Digital Transformation initiatives, including the following topics:

  • The main reason why enterprises are investing in their Digital Transformations programs, and the risk of not investing by the end of 2018.
  • How to make Digital Transformation projects a cross-functional initiative that is customer centric and drives impact.
  • Methods and approaches that enterprises have taken towards empowering Digital Transformations, and ways to get stakeholder buy-in.
  • The KPIs and technology needed to ensure Digital Transformation success.
  • Understanding the Return on Investment of Digital Transformations projects, and how it relates to “Digital Darwinism.”