AkzoNobel, a Customer Success Story

How AkzoNobel Keeps Customers at the Heart of their Strategy with Usabilla’s Reporting Service

Enabling AkzoNobel to maintain their consumer-first approach

For AkzoNobel, customer feedback is very important. As a traditional manufacturing company, the majority of customer feedback comes in through traditional channels. As the importance of digital channels grows, AkzoNobel needs to collect feedback everywhere to ensure customers stay at the heart of future decisions.

With the amount of feedback the team receives, as well as the need to create relevancy for the entire organization, it became essential to report on customer feedback in a different way. This led to AkzoNobel utilising Usabilla's Reporting Service. 

AkzoNobel's success with Usabilla's Reporting Service:

  • Prioritize and visually make sense of insights in a way that is tangible and supports internal discussions
  • Identify trends, key topics and next steps, enabling them to make changes to their website that led to an increase of 20% in page load speed
  • Focus on customer feedback holistically