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Bandwidth, a Customer Success Story

Bandwidth Improves Customer Acquisition, Support Channels and Roadmap Prioritization with Proven SaaS Feedback Strategy


“Not a day goes by that I haven’t logged into Usabilla or had a conversation in Slack about customer feedback collected in Usabilla. It’s changed my job and the way our company builds products. It’s amazing.” – Josh Gibbs, Platform Product Manager, Bandwidth

How Josh Gibbs uses Usabilla to change the way Bandwidth builds products

Bandwidth is a Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) company providing cutting edge telecommunications technology. With their embedded calling and messaging APIs, emergency calling and virtual phone numbers, they empower brands like Google and Skype to stay connected.

Download now to explore how customer feedback helps the Product Team at Bandwidth increase customer acquisition, improve support functionalities, and create a well informed and successful product roadmap.

Bandwidth's results with Usabilla:

  • Found a bug in email automation, which led cold prospects to convert to customers 
  • Continuously pinpoint exact points of friction in the experience 
  • Transformed roadmap prioritization from guesswork to a data-driven strategy
Josh Gibbs

Platform Product Manager

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