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The Global Usabilla Exchange Awards

Maximize the value of your customers' feedback

Usabilla’s solution is designed in a way that encourages customers to share feedback at any point of the customer journey. By giving customers a voice, enterprises not only see what is happening through regular quantitative analytics, but they also understand why.

While every organization should adapt their VoC strategy to their specific needs, all successful VoC programs go through an Ask, Analyze, and Act framework. You’ll need to ask your users the right questions at the right time and collect feedback efficiently, analyze that feedback, and organize the useful information you find in order to make it actionable. Then, empower the relevant persons or teams to act upon the insights to truly make improvements to your customer experience.

Are you asking the right questions at the right time, analysing the findings in a structured and efficient manner and acting upon these continuously? 

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If you think you have the best end-to-end use case in which you incorporate the Ask, Analyze and Act framework, describe your project and who knows, you may bring home the award this year.

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