CX Predictions for 2020: What CX leaders must know

[Forrester Webinar] CX Predictions for 2020: What CX leaders must know

Forrester's Harley Manning, VP & Research Director serving customer experience professionals, shares customer experience predictions that will impact 2020 in this on demand webinar


Discover what will shape 2020 and align your VoC program for success

Companies need to know what their customers are thinking, and connect those perceptions to buyer behaviors like purchase, repurchase, and willingness to recommend. Without these insights, firms risk major missteps that will hurt business.

In light of the recently revealed CX Predictions for 2020 by Forrester, in this webinar we discuss the opportunities that 2020 holds for CX professionals who can connect customer insights to revenue and profits, and the pitfalls awaiting for those who can’t.

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Harley Manning

VP & Research Director, Forrester

Kathleen Hickey

Facilitator, Usabilla 

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