Improve your App with Customer Feedback

Get those 5 star reviews by knowing what to improve


How does it work?

Usabilla for Apps fits flawlessly into your app interface to give users a way to reach out, even when they’re offline. Collect feedback to understand how your app is performing and what you need to optimise. Our powerful mobile solution allows you to get detailed insights from your app users with targeted, non-intrusive feedback forms.

We know that timing is everything when it comes to interacting with your audience, so engage with your users at the right moments in their journey with advanced targeting and triggering options.



What are the benefits?

Boost app store rating

Get those 5-star reviews by knowing what to improve.


Reach the right users

Micro-targeting options for maximum engagement.

Identify issues

Get detailed device data with every feedback item.

Collect Feedback in your App and be More Customer-Centric


The importance of your customer’s experience online is growing faster than ever.  Especially during mobile moments, as more and more revenue is gained through mobile devices. Focusing your efforts on a customer-centric approach is necessary to build future-proof applications and keep revenue coming. Discover here how it works!



"With targeted in-app surveys, we can easily measure the success of new features while also asking our users really specific questions. As a result, we’re able to further improve customer satisfaction across our apps!"

Stijn Bannier, Product Manager Mobile

So how can this solution

boost your app's performance?