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Customer-Centricity in Retail: Are you on track for 2018?



In this report you’ll find an overview of data and insights taken from our Voice of Customer (VoC) solution. Focusing on the retail industry, we dive into the busiest period of the year - the holiday season - where up to 20% of annual sales can occur. 


We explore how customer experience has become the main driver for success for online retailers, and why the pressure to adapt a customer-centric strategy will only increase in 2018. Backing up our predictions with industry trends and data from 2016, we aim to give you a holistic view of the industry landscape as well as how you, as a retailer, can best prepare for 2018 and beyond.


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The change in retail from offline to online brings a lot of new opportunities for the consumer. But the advantage of shopping world wide is a giant risk for the retailer. How do you stand out? How can you still create that loyal customer if you don’t see them in real life and miss that personal approach you always had.