Mapping CX Strategy: The Digital Maturity Model

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Mapping CX Strategy: The Digital Maturity Model

Discover where your organization falls on the DCX Maturity Index

What is Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Maturity?

Today, most customers expect to engage with companies seamlessly across a range of channels, including mobile, web, virtual chat, social media and video. This means organizations must transition to a point where they obtain full digital maturity.


Enterprises may find themselves at different points in the progression to a holistic digital strategy, which could be referred to as its Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Maturity. In other words, the availability of digital customer channels, the integration of these channels and their adoption by customers will all vary; meaning that the overall digital experience will differ from business to business.


In our report, we discuss:

  • Why a defined CX strategy is essential for a holistic customer journey
  • The amount of effort users perceive when navigating an experience
  • How to reduce friction between users and the UI
  • Building the best information architecture possible
  • And more!