Scania, a Customer Success Story

How Usabilla helped Scania to receive, analyze
and act on customer feedback instantly

Enabling Scania to become truly customer-centric

Scania, a major Swedish manufacturer of commercial vehicles, identified that feedback was often delayed and distorted as it had to pass through various departments before arriving at their headquarters. In order to ensure a direct line of feedback, Scania decided to invest in a Voice of Customer program, which would allow them to instantaneously collect feedback from their end users, and analyze and act upon it.

Additionally, Scania launched a new web portal that they monitored closely while asking users to provide feedback on how to improve. 

Scania's results with Usabilla for Website

  • Established a direct line of feedback to their headquarters
  • Reduced the time to act from months to days
  • Optimized the newly introduced web portal to be fully customer-centric