AutoTrack, a Usabilla Success Story

AutoTrack uses Usabilla for Websites to connect with customers


"I can easily recommend Usabilla to anyone looking for a versatile way to gather the voice of the customer: There is so much more to Usabilla than just feedback." Pim Hutjens, Product Manager at

AutoTrack’s Successful Customer Feedback Strategy is the leading online retailer for cars in the Netherlands. With Usabilla, it’s easy for the AutoTrack team to identify issues from small bugs to major redesign needs. Download the case study to learn more. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Usabilla lowers the barrier for AutoTrack users to express feedback.
  • Usabilla’s labeling allows feedback to automatically be sent to the relevant AutoTrack team member.
  • AutoTrack can now act on feedback in real-time.
  • “Feedback isn’t scarce, we have plenty of ideas to keep us busy for the coming years,” Pim Hutjens, Product Manager