Usabilla Report - Retail Nightmares


Retail Nightmares: Your Customers' Biggest Shopping Turn-Offs

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Retail Nightmares


Learn how poor shopping experiences are driving customers away from your brand.




 Reading time: 20 minutes

Any Dream Retail Experiences Come To Mind?

It's time to put yourself in your shoppers' shoes. Think of the memorable shopping experiences you've had for all the right reasons – and then all the wrong ones.


Given higher expectations of a seamless, convenient and engaging omnichannel experience, brands need to improve their understanding of the customer journey.


We've laid out the most frequent retail nightmares based on our survey of 2,000 U.S. shoppers. In this report, we discuss: 

  • Frustrations while browsing and ordering products online and in-app
  • How the overbearing sales associate is annoying the digitally savvy customer
  • The reason retailers haven't figured out the mobile shopping experience
  • Why cart abandonment rates continue to skyrocket