SoHosted, a Usabilla Success Story

SoHosted Increased Free Trial Conversion Rates by 119% with Usabilla


Thanks to the simplicity and effectiveness of Usabilla, we have solved all major usability problems and conversion rates have skyrocketed.” ~ Lauris Kooi, Online Marketing

SoHosted Improves Conversions with Usabilla Feedback

SoHosted, a webhosting platform, rolled out a project to redesign their website and make improvements to its backend. They were facing various usability issues and needed to persuade stakeholders of the importance of a well-designed website.
Read the case study and learn how SoHosted optimized their website to match their customer’s expectations. 

SoHosted’s Results with Usabilla:

  • Domain name conversions increased by 8%
  • FAQ Page ratings improved by 25%
  • Conversion rates for VPS products increased by 10%
  • Completed Customer Profiles increased by 15%
  • Improved overall customer satisfaction