T-Mobile, a Usabilla Success Story

Improving customer satisfaction with Usabilla


"We did not find [our previous feedback method] very useful in the processing of customer feedback, as we did not know which part of the page the comment was about.”  ~ Margot van Pelt, Web Analyst & Optimization Specialist

Usabilla Connects T-Mobile with Customers

T-Mobile is a world-leading mobile phone carrier. Their website is a major source of both traffic and sales, making its smooth operation essential to the running of their successful business.

T-Mobile’s Results with Usabilla:

  • Usabilla allows customers to communicate with T-Mobile
  • Usabilla shows the cause of any issues and provides more detailed customer insights
  • T-Mobile made use of Usabilla campaigns to introduce new products and to ask visitors general questions about the website and app