Virgin Holidays, a Customer Success Story

Viewing a website through the customer’s eyes


“The ability to see exactly what a customer is looking at when logging feedback has proved invaluable. It is the difference between new and known information. A reference to the issue’s exact location saves us a notable amount of time to solve it.” – Matthew Walsh, Online Trading Conversion Manager at Virgin Holidays

Virgin Holidays Collects Feedback to Create a Customer-Centric Digital Platform

A member of Branson’s Virgin Group, Virgin Holidays is one of the largest and most successful tour operators in the UK. With over one million website visits a month, traffic volume for Virgin is high. This high volume, coupled with high response rates, makes collecting feedback vitally important. Usabilla helped make their website more customer-centric, allowing them to constantly improve. 

Virgin's Results with Usabilla:

  • Identify issues on the website which would have otherwise remained hidden
  • Faster time to issue resolution with Usabilla screenshot functionality
  • Putting the focus of the digital platform on customers