Don't Discount The Customer Experience

A digital Voice of the Customer (VoC) program is one of the highest Return on Investment programs that customer-centric UX, CX, and Marketing teams have implemented at their organizations.
Usabilla helps brands like HP, T-Mobile, Hilton Worldwide, Capital One, and Nike improve the performance of their websites, apps and emails with live user feedback. Our clients utilize our software to make sense of their digital analytics, transform data into actions, and, truly be customer-centric.

This buyer's kit includes: 

  • A 2-minute video on how we help enterprises build customer-centric cultures, products, and brands. 
  • Over 10 examples of how major brands and companies are proving ROI and improving KPI's with Usabilla.
  • A guide explaining the true ROI of a digital VoC program & how to handle classic objections from stakeholders about investing in a VoC platform.
  • Usabilla's product guide explaining our full Voice of Customer solution and its capabilities.